Beautiful Mistake


I told myself that I was a mistake.

All my life I was told that there is greatness inside of me.

But all I can see inside of me are flaws.

Flaws that only I can see mixed with pain that only I can feel.

I search inside of myself daily for this legend of so-called greatness.

Every day I have to dig through the rubble and broken pieces of my heart while swimming past the deep sea of tears caused by my sorrow but

Still I have found nothing.

I can feel my soul climbing up the mountain of my struggles and crawling through the cave of my loneliness longing to find this greatness that is rumored to be here inside but

Still I have found nothing.

My soul is weak and my spirit is tired.

I can feel both of them fading out of existence.

And as they begin to disappear from life there comes a small light inside the corner of my heart.

The light grows inside of me with intensity shining brighter than a thousand suns and illuminates my heart shining brighter than a million moons.

It shines from the depths of my heart throughout the bones of my body putting together broken pieces of my heart and drying up the shallow sea of my sorrowed tears.

It restores my broken soul and heals my wounded spirit.

This light... Is not a thing but an idea.

An idea of what I am truly meant to be.

And with every day it shines brightly inside of me.

Even if I never find the legend of so-called greatness that lives inside of me

I know that inside my heart I will always have the light of...




This is so wonderful Story of my life.


Thank you so much that means a lot to me

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