A Beautiful Idea Deferred

Tue, 07/12/2016 - 03:51 -- Jeyonuh

  We are a nation built, built of immigrants  eventually transforming 'us'  into a melting pot. But, within this a beautiful idea are messes of corrupt thinking brought surfaced by actions committed.  He is a melting pot of emotions;  sad and angry often, treated right due to the color of his skin then belittled and look down upon  with the face of rejection as he speaks. Equality is for the man who bore of the land.  A land so sweet it can't be turned down when offered. But with every beautiful thing lies ugly truth. Equality is for the man who bore of the land, and getting that title isn't exactly encouraged nor easy to get. Within this beautiful idea  are messes  messes even the purest of hearts  can't fix. 

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Our world
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