beautiful colors


our past is a sad one 

filled with voices who never got the chance to be sung

those who were killed because of the color of their skin

and i wish i could say how much further our society has been once we recognized our sin

but people are still looked down upon for their genes that can not be changed

and i promise with all means that we all need to rearrange 

racism is not a fight for just one race


for i am white and have faced racism as well

we need to check what we sell to our children

for the children do not see the difference between black and white

maybe just maybe we are trying so hard with all our might to get across

that the past problems with skin were sins

that we bring more hate back into those young precious minds

if we could all come together hand by hand and set down the differences we think we see

maybe just maybe we could all sinc together and just be

united as one for which we all stand and then finally the dream will be fulfilled 




This was a great poem.

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