Don't call me beautiful 

Then shatter my hope

Laugh at my hopes and dreams

As if they were a joke

Don't call me beautiful 

Then ignore my existence 

Call me up at late hours

As if we were only doing business 

Don't call me beautiful 

Then make fun of my skin

Saying just because of my background 

I lose and you win

Don't call me beautiful 

Then try and and take what's mine

My style, my credit

Then you're crossing my line

Don't call me beautiful 

Then run because you look the same

Worried because we're different 

A new picture with no frame

A new trend with no name

A great song with no fame

A loose animal that's not tamed

We're insane.. 

That's what they tells us you see

But when I look in the mirror I don't see crazy 

I see me, I see free

Don't tell me I'm beautiful 

Just because I'm new

Something scribble on your list

Just something to do

Don't call me beautiful 

Then treat me like water

Unappreciated, although without it

Life gets harder

I know I'm beautiful 

I can feel it in my soul

So before you call me beautiful 

Understand that I know



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Our world
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