Beating my Rape

I still feel their hands when I sleep

Often times I wake with a leap

My breath constricted in a silent plea

While my hands scramble for my lover to hold me


I hear too many jokes about someone being raped

When it happened to me I still haven’t escaped

Because it haunts my every living hour

Awake or asleep the memories make me cower


I am belittled for my fear

Of any man coming anywhere near

I know to always be afraid when I am alone

Because this is a world in which monsters are allowed roam


Men who rape women are allowed to be free

While the ones who are blamed are we

We the victims who will live with the assault

Because the world sees SLUT as our default!


I will no longer stand in silence

I will not let attackers get away with such violence

A victim is NEVER to blame for their rape

I will not let the monsters who do this escape


Rape is no laughing matter

Nor something for you to use as meaningless chatter

When one in four women of college level at least

Have seen the nature of the beast


I am a feminist because the joke is that I was 8

When I was made to do things I hate

To even think about, it makes me sick

I’m not just some man hating chick


I speak out because it happened to me twice

And my attackers never paid the price

I speak out because rape is a tool men use to cow me into submission
So here is my admission;


I will fight so that anyone who takes away

Someone’s choice, will look on in dismay

As they are put where they belong

And the world knows what they did wrong!


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