The Beat of My Drum

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 12:31 -- jmcveen


I feel as more than flesh and bone

When I walk my feet don’t drag a corpse

Because I’ve heard the song of my heartbeat’s tone,

The melody beyond all words


So this song and dance guides my way

Transforming there to here and tomorrow to today

While at every beat I’m not alone,

In fact each one is a chance to hone


These skills in the raw still young and fresh

And yearning for some day to cling to my flesh

So the world may know without a doubt

The song and the dance that my heart cries out


Inviting and all and encouraging, you see,

For improving the world is my duty

But I don’t pretend to know the path…

I only know the way.


Which is different because I only might know

How to breathe and smile, and maybe to go

But known is not my destination

For the future is grown under time’s creation


So I stand here and chant and prepare to step

But where I’ll go is anyone’s guess

What I can promise you, though, is in each passing day

One of my fears will fade away


So I’ll slowly morph to my strongest form

Doing exactly what everyone warns

See I don’t really care when they tell me NO

Or what to do, or where not to go


For I don’t believe in the concept of “can’t”

Hence the tone of this passionate rant

Though my words may rhyme and my voice may sound cute

The point I make could be made by a mute


For it’s actions and dreams and consciousness

Generosity and love and selflessness

That will save the world one smile at a time

And forever avoid the ultimate crime –


That’s ignoring your passion, and denying your seed,

Living in comfortable insecurity

You need not walk my path but please take my stride

‘Cuz you could use this one lesson so drop your damn pride


And listen to me as I carefully say…

That even the times when you don’t know the way,

Your heartbeat is strong and that song still rings true

When you listen real close it will surely tell you


That this world is ours and yours and mine

So hear this life song and write the next line!

The bataan’s in your hand, the ball’s in your court…

If you don’t understand the world will resort


To unhappy greed, sadness and hate

But worst of all boredom, and dreams that can wait


I won’t hate you if you don’t – you won’t even suck…

But get out of my way while my confidence walks

Into tomorrow which today has sown

Where together my heart and mind will grow


I’m marching to beats of my heartbeat’s drum

And when the trail is blazed you’re welcome to come

So follow behind, or come along for the ride.

The choice is yours - now you must decide.


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