beat down

everyday the endless name calling. the being told who to be and that cant be who yu really are. the endless strugle of pain. the endlessness of stupidity of not hearts change nd putin religion befor thouse you love. a child born like any other,still human no mtter what race it is. the child is diffren then the norml to society. the human child is beat down for liking its own gender  the human child is beat down for being diffrent then society. the child i beat for eeling trapd i thei bodyand ct be th true gnderhey here mean to be. these uman chldren are judged, beat, killed ad slaghtred by their love ones. the other humas that kill and hurt do no understand ha everyones difrence s a blessg. i makes us each beauiful in our own way.they judge beacuse of generatin of brain waing by religion andociey. if they broke out of this trance they could see we are all human. we are all inividuals whith pottial and should belved.

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