Be You

Start with a bow,

Take a side they said,

Choose your battles.

What is this?

Pulled here and there.

They argue excessively.

Tired of the rules.

Collapsed from the stress.

I cover my ears and cry.

I hear a voice in my head,

"Courage and confidence!

Never back down.

Stand up, each time you fall.

Take new steps,

Different from the past.

Trust those who pick you up.

Those who dance with you,

Instead of laugh at you.

Learn new ways.

Try try again,

And never give up."

I resolve to make a new me.

Stick out in a good way,

Become my own person.

I stand and make a move back,

Away from the prior struggles.

I then leap with determination,

Over the obstacles that seem ever rising.

Soon, soon it will be over.

True friends help the time pass.

We move as if we were one,

Never giving up, we will rise together.

Breathe, the end is near.

Dance with joy

You've been victorious!

You've overcome your fears.

You've danced so long.

Come, look who you've become,

A strong dancer,

A lady who knows herself.

No one can define you.

You stepped out of the mold

Formed your own  dance.

Be proud and share the good news,

"You can be you and still hold your head up high.

Look for the true friends who will back you up."

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