Be yourself  when some ones looking

be yourself even when no ones looking

Don't stop being yourself from rejections you might get in your heart

no matter what believe in your personality 

Don't put on your costume

but wear your true colors

people will try to take you down from the clear sky

to the darkness or pain  

but you stand up for you 

no matter what 

as long as you like yourself for who you are it doesn't matter what others say

Even the ghost in the door way who is

welcoming you to a world of strangers 

unless you be yourself 

so close the door and be you 



Nice put together it seems like you been threw alot of pain that yhu had to get over in now realizethat you must love in stay true to yourself


Yes some days it get harder but i know i came to far to go back to hiding what I'm feeling when i know people out here care . Thank you so much for your support it make me dance and smile to see people comment on my work that i have always kept to myself but now  i am sharing it with the world . thank you 


I love this because I can totally relate because living in this society it's hard to be yourself so this poem is totally relatable. Good job!


Thank you so much!! for the support

glad that you can relate because i can definitely can relate to your poetry 

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