Be. Weird.


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Be. Weird.

French press your coffee on the roof drink it and tell a story about every car that goes by


Cry when the hero dies


Weep when your friends find truth capital “T”


You know, I like to talk in a British accent about a lonely bird


Or I like ta yell and wonda where da hell my shipment is vinny?


Be. Weird.


Make a stupid music video with your friends and pray that something goes wrong,

and that you laugh so very long


Pray for rain and when it comes at sunset, when the world is turned to gold,

play in it till you are soaked to thedry bone.


When your song comes on scream every word like it’s alive


Be Bold


Ask her out, right now, if you can see her ask her out, right now. I’ll wait.


Speak like a hoodrat who jusswanna do hoodratthangs wit dey friends


Get amber sap all over your hands because you FINALLY climbed that tree

you’ve passed by everyday for a year


Next time you see deer by the roadside, stop your car, turn it off,

and get so close to that deer you can hear it breathing.


Take your shoes off and go longboarding

Take your shoes off and stand in the snow

Take your shoes off and chase fire flies in the

dense warmth of an Oklahoma night


Take. Off. Your. Shoes.


Build a rope swing that crosses the expanse of every star and every

galaxy that ever existed, all flowing beneath you as you

soar through imaginations air


Say whatever it is you need to say and if you don’t have the courage

to say it now, practice saying it when the first spring thunderstorms

roll in. go out in the downpour and scream at father thunder till

you are a lion


Let the rain cleanse you


Get a sunburn


Be. Weird.



Slide into her DMs and start that relationship you’ve been dreaming about since you were little. Keep sliding until you make it. Trust me.


Cause we aren’t quitters


Watch the sunset in your underwear


Pretend to be a caterpillar


Be. Weird. Be honest.


Sell your soul for nothing


Cause you see, it’s already been bought for an unattainable cost

Underneath two splintered trees held together by a man

There is blood, there is blood covering the sand

And that, that is good news!


Get in a fight, let the bones in your face meet the bones of

Your brothers hand


Leave early Friday morning and drive to Galveston, sleep on the beach for two nights,

And comeback Sunday with that sunburn we talked about


Drink wine lay in the grass listen to Coldplay and watch the stars talk to eachother


Be. Weird. Fall in love, that’s weird.


Get hurt, feel your broken bleeding heart, and know, how lucky it is

God chose you to be alive. Thank God you have a heart that

Can not only break, but be mended as well


Send a girl some flowers. Send a girl some flowers that you’ve been in love with all along. Send her as many as you can buy. Show up after a fight with the Pink Roses she loves. And if she’s still mad, send her more.


If that, decision you’re making, is the safe bet, the rational thing to do, don’t do it.

Take a risk, choose the crazy


Be. Weird.


If that’s the girl, I mean the girl, kiss her. And if it’s not the girl, kiss her,

and if it’s not the girl but you’re trying to convince her to be, kiss her

and if that’s the boy, push his face away when he tries!


Pass out bread to the homeless, and when you’ve done that give them some skittles

And when you’ve done that give them the clothes off your back


Fall in love with an idea let that idea take hold, get hurt by that idea, and

promise yourself you’ll do better next time


Don’t be afraid to be weird. Be bold. Be adventurous. Be out of your comfort zone

Be alive. Be strange. Get off the couch and into the air. Be you. I love you. Be weird.


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