To Be On the Way to College


What does thine universe have in store for me I wonder,
whilst sitting on the shore listening to the distant thunder,
In my mind the storm is brewing.
Which career, I ask, must I be pursuing.
Like a water droplet in the rain,
I follow the gravity and crash towards the earth, having many options to entertain.
I consider science, history, mathematics and psychology
But, also computers, government (meh), and meteorology
Alas, I have many experiences that guide me.
Surely one or two must agree.
I need to decide, it is essential to have a path to travel.
In hopes that my future does unravel
Before me bright and hopeful.
Science, I think is the answer, it should be my focal.
I should think it best to be in the health care field.
Now my path has been revealed.
Perhaps I can have some help along the way.
Surely someone out there is willing to pay.


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