To Be Taken into Consideration

Funny story about opinions, they're not always right. 

Truth lies in love, not in pain or strife. 

So agree to disagree or continue in your rage.

Hate cuts deep, but love never fades. 

Call me what you will, curse me if you must, 

but last time I checked there's a lot more than just trust 

that has some how vanished from a society that takes the latest shoe trends more seriously then the homeless veteran on the corner of the street. 


Tell me how is it that we've come so far. 

The land of the free seems mangled with fresh scars 

of the past coming back to haunt those who fought 

for the right to be seen, heard, and taught 
as an equal. 

Now tell me why the same old record is being played 

of people being slain 

because they were deemed unworthy by a man who made it pretty clear he wanted things his way. 

Speaking of his way,

There may be some wiggle room to discuss our way. 

And by the term "our", I do mean my fellow woman. 

Have I made some heads turn yet. 

Because let's be honest, anything they can do we can to! 

And I am not bashing the man.

In fact, I am praising the man

The man who is a lover, a protector, a fighter, a leader;

The man who is able to be the father every child needs.

I hope that man succeeds

in a society that deems emotions as a sign of weakness

especially those emotions seen in our fellow man. 

Let them feel.

How can we deny a human being

the birth right to being human.

What a concept?

As I stated before, the man is a very important piece to the puzzle.

However, I am not insisting that the woman's importnace should be muzzled

because we live in a new world!


Or at least that's what we've heard. 

Except how can that be true, when hearing of a girl 

at school somewhere else, 
is simply absurd. 

But here in our beloved country, it's different.

There are no double standards or unrealistic requirements. 



Are you all blind to how contorted the mind of America is, 

and how easily we have all conformed to this zero tolerance era.

Where are you home of the brave and land of the free.

Have you somehow vanished out of reality,

or maybe never truly existed.

Maybe this ideal nation is just out of reach,

because it will offend those who don't agree.

Hmm... Interesting, last time I checked many did not agree

with several changes in history.


Look at me, 

Hispanic and a woman! 

People disagree with my existence....
But I still exist!

Funny isn't it.

Just a few truths to be taken into consideration.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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