Be Ready, Start Wishing

I wish life were easy
I wish we didn't have struggles,
or feel worn down
because of problems at home
or out in the real world
I wish we knew the answers
instead of asking questions
that'll never get answered
I wish we knew how much
time we had, instead of how
much money we had left
I wish those that suffered the most,
suffered none at all, and were able
to bathe in all the world's glories
I wish my mother didn't have
so much on her plate, as she tried
to fill up up our plates
I wish we didn't live life through
fantasy pictures, wishing we were anywhere
but where we really were,
I wish the living was really easy,
but no, it's really hard, it's an everyday struggle
but my generation is all infatuated with themselves
to blind to care, about others that have fallen,
as long as they're still good, and not in the hood

What's wrong with the hood?
I wish there we lived on better terms,
not separated by colorbind lines, hiding more lies
I wish education was given, not earned
but at least we're in it, fighting
I wish I knew what I was supposed to do next,
but of course I'm lagging it, can't make up my mind
I wish the ones we wanted, wanted us back
but things just don't happen like that,
I wish the greats were still living,
would they like what see?
I wish time would stop going,
I feel lost in the flow
I wish my mind kept going,
that my imagination
wasn't so dead, that it kept spurning
out the next-big ideas, I wish
I wish global citizens stuck together,
and fought for the same cause
the human cause, I wish for it all
I wish for nothing that won't break but make me
into the woman I'm destined to be
I wish I knew when that time was coming


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