Be Kind


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She wakes up in the moring and immediately vomits in the bathroom.

She shrugs at the sight of an empty refirgerator.

She sits on the bus alone as everyone around her talks to their friends.

She doesn't know how to feel when the girl she thought was her friend didn't wave back in the hallway.

She buys a cookie during lunch for 50 cents, her first meal of the day.

She feels like her friends are mostly talking to each other while she watches. 

She looks over her agenda and hopes she's not too exhausted to finish all this homework.

She goes home and texts a few people who stop replying after a few texts. 

She tries to gather the energy to do her homework, but falls asleep.

She wakes up to her parents screaming at each other.

She asks to have something to eat, but her dad is only more angry.

She realizes it's getting late, so she quickly does as much home work as she can.

She takes a quick shower and thinks about how she's not happy with all this.

She takes one last look at her inbox; still no replies.

She feels her stomach rumble, she fears what will happen the next day.

She cries herself to sleep.


Depression is a serious issue. 

An individual can be consumed by this swarm of dark thoughts and toxic feelings.

No matter how hard someone tries to make the best of a situation, it can be easy for them to feel like the world is the enemy.

And the worst part is that they're usually the ones who make it seem like every thing is okay.


You never know what challenges the girl on the bus has to face.

You don't know if that boy hasn't eaten in 3 days.

You don't realize that your classmate only wears long sleeve shirts to hide their sinister method of coping.


Depression isn't a joke. 

Depression is real.

Suicide happens. 

Be kind.



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