To Be Heard, For Once

I sream and scream as tears fall  from my face

No matter how hard I try, I am never heard here

Not sure why I stay here, if I am never heard

Time to leave



So I left

And now I am heard.

 From mountains high In whisper 

And I am heard



From oceans deep,

I whisper and I am heard


Nowhere in mine own home am I ever heard

So I stand on stage, and prolclaim to my audience

Now I am heard, now I am heard


So stage is my home now

The cellos my mom,

The basses mt dad,

And the violas, my older brother


Here I am heard

Above everyone else

Wtih sweat pouring down my face, 

And rosin on my dress

I am finally heard


I stay here, because I am heard



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