To Be Heard by All of Those


Who do I want to be heard by?

The answer is clear


All those boys,

All those girls,

Who don't get toys,

When Christmas unfurls.


Because they are too poor,

And they don't understand,

As they wait by the door,

For a father whose love can't withstand


Enough to keep him there,

In his chilren's life,

To watch them flair,

Avoiding strife.


All those bullies that inflict pain,

On others as they incapacitate,

Treating them with utmost disdain,

Forcing the innocent to imitate


An image loved by society,

Ashamed to be who they really are,

Threatening their sobriety,

Testing drugs, because that's how far


Some people will go,

To deafen the insecure voices,

And let the world know,

They will no longer tolerate these choices,


Then you find the teenager,

Hung by a noose, eyes fixed in a stare,

Gave his or her life to a wager,

No one would notice, no one would care.


All those people who don't dream,

Because they feel like they won't make it,

Because sometimes life makes things seem,

Like they are forced to inhabit


Within the streets and gangs,

College? Never,

Don't listen to teachers, listen to the bangs,

Of the gunshots threatening to end lives forever.


All those who loved before,

Now they have a broken heart,

They always will have a sore,

From the love that tore them apart.


Now they have trust issues,

Everytime they almost love,

They reminisce on all the tissues

That dried their tears as they looked above.


All those laying in their death bed,

Scared as they wait,

Because so much is left unsaid,

As they approach the unthinkble fate.


Because they have cancer,

And it took them by surprise,

They could never be a chancer,

They spent life on the safe side - so wise


Now they demise

But they never lived,

Now they pray to rise,

With their life revived.


Who do I want to be heard by?

The answer is clear.

Anyone who has ever had to cry,

Or felt pain,  or succumbed to fear.


Because maybe they will see,

We are all human; we all fall,

One day we will all be

Able to answer our heart's call.


For now, we must push through adversity,

Knowing we are not alone,

Even though our problems entail of a diversity,

There is a common life in which we must live to be shone.

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