To Be Born..


When I was little, I was a "tormento" but then I died.

I was reborn as a perfectionist grade school student,

then died again.

After that, I was reborn again as a "wana be" bad girl

that faked and over exaggerated her problems and emotions

but then I died again.

I was reborn into an obsessed late teenager that always looked for love

and felt that she would never find it.

She also died.

Then I was reborn in a hurt body.

A body that just wanted to be a loner.

That where ever she looked, she felt all was against her.

She quickly died!

Then I was reborn in a tough armored woman who didn't take “no” for an answer,

who didn’t accept any excuses,

who loved to please others.

She slowly died.

And now, she’s reborn in a beautiful woman,

a woman that knows how to love,

a woman that doesn't care as much for others as she did before,

a woman who doesn't get close to many,

a woman that has learned to focus on herself,

a woman who is a Physics Major,

a woman who just wanted a new start.

They say it was a mistake but dying was the best decision she made.

She found inner peace.

She found how to love.

She found how to save.

She found where her investment should go to.

She found that nothing will ever go as planned.

She found that you can never go to the old bodies. They don't move.

All she can do is die and become reborn again, if she chose to.

Instead of regretting, she can just make a new body.

Doesn’t everyone do this?


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