Battle for the Web


It's not that hard to stand and fight when the war isn't a physical danger.

What we're fighting against aren't armies and guns and soldiers.

Though we fight with just as much might and anger.

What we're fighting against is big money

Big power

Big corporations who think that just because they own half of what we buy

They own us.


And maybe they do, for what I've seen.

People milling around with their heads up their asses

Emailing photos of Miley to people miles away

Millions and millions of people who don't understand what price they will pay

For this luxury they lazily browse about every single day.

They don't realize the power they hold, the pure influence in their average first-world hands,

If they were to just be a little bold and use the internet to take a stand.

And some of them take a sit-up and blog a petition or two,

Save the trees

Save the bees

Free some prisoner

Clean the blue.

But right now is the time for everyone with this power to take a stand

Before we see this power shift and slide out of our hands

Sift through our fingers like crumbling sands.


No, we don't understand

Or if we do, we don't grasp

How if we don't hold on to this as tight as we can

It won't last


Entire movements will burn out

We'll be left aghast

How did my window for equality

Close so fast

The answer's that we all organize in the freest place we find

And our safe haven was the community online.

But soon we won't be able to mention our beliefs without a fine.


We need to stand together.

Because a frontier isn't something that's found to last forever.

This cause needs support for the good of all humanity.

Set aside your differences and your disputes and selfish vanity.

Team cable doesn't care whether youre religious or athiest

They aren't pro choice or pro life because they're invested in taking away your choices in life.

It's not a two sided issue.

Either you want to keep your voice or you'll wish you had. It's just sad.

Sad that we let the media distract us from our waning freedoms with winding stories and windbags rambling about things we don't need to know.

Sad that we don't care about what they say we should but we don't know that. Because we're content to wait for that celebrity picture to load. Fat cats will let us laugh at cat pictures until they've gone away, $19.99 we'll have to pay to say what we need to say, and only if they'll let us say it.

But the network is still in our hands. We still have time to save it.



slam-ish poem to call attention to this!!

comcast is buying out time warner and further supercharging their influence over the internet, politics, and freedom of speech in media.

comcast is an enemy to all internet movements!

the deadline for comments to the fcc is tomorrow.

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