Battle Story


 “You can never win”

Society roars

They seek for more

More is what they yearn

A sudden fill of whispers fill the air

Not ever so rare

You can never win

Tears protrude

Dragged away on a rose petal cheek


Eyes shut to seal the leak

And to never risk looking in a mirror

Never a crack in a smile, to ever run ear to ear

Eyes never faced the sun but face the worn out sneakers

You can never win

Obscurity is in the eye of the beholder

 But all the beholder can see is the silhouettes of what she could be

All she ever wanted to be was classified as me

Smacked and pushed around she wants to flee

Tried looking up but was brought back down

Tripped on her not- so-white sneaker laces

Was it ever supposed to be a race?


You can never win

The phrase echoes in her thoughts of action

What was she lacking?

Was she a maverick?

Tried to see through the murky water of what she thought she was to be

She wished to be free

From the shackles and chains torturing an almost inhabitant soul

Never to see herself as royal

She felt much like dried and cracked soil

Never to bear that crown the kings and queens of society plaster on their heads

Lifting their chins so high to never see the past laid out to be read

I can win

This theory debunked their deliberation

She was never to be defeated

Just muted to save her one person nation

What happened to relation?


Cuts, curses, and chaos

A flamboyant battle story to not be tossed

Not to be frozen in the frost

But to be in the headlines

Read at your own peril

Titled as survivor of the war within one and its nation


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