battle cry

This ones for those who know how it feels to be belittle
Pride tore from the soul
That moment when life and death is in the palm of there hands
This is for those who know what it feels to be f*ck*ng strong taking the blow every night
were the true soldiers
Champaign weight in sight
Keep this secret every time acting as everything alright
Were the true inspiration
battling fights in plain sight
People wont understand what I'm talking about this cause they never been in it
But this isn't for them
This is for those know how a deaths kiss taste like
I'm reaching out hoping to end this fight
Were stronger then the army
We can gang up and stop this in time
show them true pride
And stand tonight with me
this is our battle cry
Cause its true strength to stand
And say
I been abused
And its a crime
Don't let words destroy you your stronger then you all think
It time
like a rose
were beautiful
But guarded
like we belong in the sky
Be we are loved and cared for
even when life hates us
Deep inside
We are here
To fight the monster in the making
taking our life
Thinking gods going to save us
but that's not the case
were saving our own life's
That in the long run
We our own god
Being praised knowing we are about to make change
going down in history
we were right

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