The Battle

Thu, 12/12/2013 - 21:14 -- Hsebol
The most dangerous urges are tempting me again 
And if I shall cross the path, I will lose a friend
If you go there once, there's a price to pay
The battle within myself to stay at bay
For sometimes I feel you'd make it all right
Then I bleed myself dry with all my might
The demons within like to fight in my mind
And the angel tries to say another you'll  find
When my nights get so cold, and I'm wondering for you
I know in my heart, the right thing to do
There's a fine line between a friend and what's true
And hurting you both isn't something I would do
Wrecking it all to take what's not mine
Seeing her face, wishing I were blind
Would bring more pain than the joy I'd felt
But every glance of your smile, I begin to melt
I drift off tonight with these thoughts in my mind
Hoping tomorrow, another I will find


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