Bathing Bathsheba


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You are perfect;
Genesis never fails to tell you so.
What a shame it is I made you sin.
But that apple was just so ripe and sweet,
And I don’t remember you trying to stop me.
So what of all the plagues,
That our snack brought upon the world?
You gave me all of the credit,
Not wanting to tarnish your reputation.
Insincerely, Eve,
The first temptress

You are as beautiful as you are strong.
That hair you have outshines mine in any light,
And we’ve all envied the crown you’ve grown.
What a loss it was when I became your barber’s assistant,
But the pay was just too great for me to pass up.
I shaved off all of your “power”,
And apparently you couldn’t grow it back.
Without love, Delilah,
The tempestuous deceiver

All of mankind,
Look how far you have come.
Sure you’re flawed with poverty and war,
But nothing is truly perfect right?
I’m sorry I opened that silly box.
The Gods made me all-gifted,
And those gifts included curiosity.
I wouldn’t have ever opened it though,
If I had known I was created to punish humanity.
But I think you’re all doing alright,
Even with my eternal mistake.
Unappreciated regards, Pandora,
The unknowing mercenary

My modern Adonis.
I heard you went to jail,
And it was all my fault.
I shouldn’t have told them what you did,
Because now you’ll hate me forever.
Like Heracles and Megara,
Your insanity killed me.
You said I brought it upon myself,
But now I brought this upon you.

You can spit on my grave for it,
Carve my villainous name in stone,
Preach to the world about my evils,
But I will always know the truth,
Just behind your death blue eyes;
And I will be the Devil’s whore,
Before you are my God again.
No longer yours,
The lost name in history



A poem about sexism and a new perspective on the villainesses of the Bible


A poem about religious sexism and a new perspective on the vallainesses of the Bible


It is so interesting how you wrote about women in the Bible and the stories they appear in and shed a different light on them which made them appear more like strong heroines. I never thought about them in this way, which just goes to show how we can use poetry to spark new ideas in the readers of our poems!


It was beautiful. Making me stop and think is somthing not many poems do to me.

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