Bath Salts

My stomach growls and hisses

Each breath I take angers the pits of my belly

My intestines secretes restlessly its enzymes

Urging me to feed.


The beaten path that lays before me

Is full of dark shapes and shadows

Though I cannot make any clear distinctions

I'm drawn to them


They each hold their own characteristics

though its true it may just be my imagination

A dark shrub behind a brick wall barked at me

Yet I knew this was my reality.


Had I knew this walk would last forever

I'd have at least brought me something to devour

The cold dark pit of my stomach

continues to Curse me


Had I knew these visions would haunt me so

I'd have never tried such a substance

Though be it peer pressure or curiosity

I have fallen prey to its hunger inducing grasp


Hours past,

Though I'm sure I've only just began my journey

A familiar scent makes my mouth water

My eye's fills up with excitement


I can't control it

Hunger is all the remains of me

Before I knew what I was doing

My teeth began to sink deep into a shadow


Its juicy flesh between my teeth

Must have been what eve felt as she bit into the apple

There were no seeds, no stem,

Just the flesh and its thirst quenching liquid


A moment has gone by

Yet this time I know its been a lot longer

No longer do shadows dance in my wake

Just me and someone else...


Though this new stranger wasn't moving

The life of him has already passed on

My stomach violently turned inside out

Though I wasn't hungry


Before my eye's could send the image to my brain

Before I could feel remorse or sick

My world was struck pitch black

I was just another victim, or was I?



This was quite honestly one of the most real things I have ever read. Idk if this is about you or if you are writing as someone else. If that is the case that makes this poem 20x more amazing. I am completely stunned by this, I have a poem i wasnt sure i was going to post or not but you inspired me to. Thank you so much and keep writing real, most are afraid to. <3

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