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Marching Band

What I know

And what its become

A change of life for me

Blasting trumpets

And crazy saxes

Quiet flutes

The football player passes

I am one of them,

Yet so apart it seems I’m distant

In front I stand

Baton in hand

Ready to start the show

Whistle ready

I blow the signal to begin

Than the first note is played

Marching out

Beating time

All is a thrill to me

Knowing I control the tempo

And lead the band out front

Living every moment

Feeling every note

Showing flawless perfection

As I march the band down the side

I feel so empowered 

I feel so entraced

By the movements of the show

Never wanting the moment to end

Pleading for one more second 

Listening in

Playing to myself

I see myself so perfectly

I am one with my own self

I am perfect as myself

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