Alleys filled with souls that care.

Some don't.

Walking through these shaddowed streets

Laced with lies and disquise,

Bow-ties , drug highs and a child's eyes

Not knowing what it's all for.



Sun shines on glassy water.

Dark alleys.

Business suits and breifcases cover up

The trash and the grime,

Racing to get to places on time

When all they do is count.



Buses transport from place to place.

Sit still.

The dealers and the doers

Just doing the same,

When all they're really doing is using a fake name

Just to get an ounce.



Business men drop their change.

Don't care.

To the man that is less fortunate

That change can change his life,

As he picks up the penny and two quarters he looks at his wife

"We may be able to eat tonight."



Change scatters across the streets.

Dust grows.

To change the city just pick up the change

Pick up the trash and stop cooking up that hash

This city needs help without the backlash

So help a brother out.








This is very good and accurate. I'm a baltimore native too so i know exactly what u are talking about, smh


thank you! glad you liked it!


I really love this! I'm from a rather upscale part of Maryland close to Baltimore and the city feels like a second home. I have always loved Bmore despite its troubles, but you show a different perspective than I have ever truly seen. That is what really resonates with me; seeing that we need so much more change than what is already happening, and you put it into words beautifully.

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