The Ballerina Within

Staring at the stage, amazed

Leaps lighter than air, feet pointed in straight perfection

The gems dazzle as the light hits them, as they gracefully flaunt across the floor

I wish

Never could afford dance classes

But there is one thing stopping me more than anything



With a frame that is 5’7 and a half

Supporting 250+ pounds of dynamic personality

Plus size and ballet don’t mix.


The nearly skeletal frames with thighs bigger than my arms

In positions that my aching ankles cant make

Plus size and ballet don’t mix.


But as I cram notes and make fat jokes

Every day the dancer inside cries out

Dance and be free

Dance and make the world understand

But plus size and ballet don’t mix


But still I feel like with every spin

Every leap

Every Jump

My spirit moves and compels me to move and when I finally do

Plus size and ballet will mix.


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