She started to twirl.
Heavily rotating vertically until she couldn't anymore.
This was time

The moment she stops twirling
Is the moment I stop living.
I glance at the girl from time to time
She slowed down to a pacing-twirl once
My breathing started to fade
Skin getting paler by the second
Eyes glossing
I stiffened.

That's when I froze up
Staring into the vacant space
Watching her slow down her twirling
In front of the red door.
Instead of panicking, I rejoiced.
She sped up her twirling, going back to 
Her ballerina standard.

I laughed as I came back to life
Living for another month
I climbed into my bed, content with my down, miserable life.
I'd rather my journey be long with a dark passage 
As my way
Than for it to be happy, perky--
Perfect-- just so the devious girl
Could stop spinning and take away everything.



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