Fri, 07/01/2016 - 12:30 -- naijaam

"Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack."


I would like to say how wonderful it is, but at some point people will get tired of unpacking all their life
You'll just bring more baggage and they won't want to unpack anymore
When you decide to move into a new house how long will you go unpacking before you get tired and just want to be moved in already
You'll start to question the baggage and wonder when you packed all of this in the first place 
At some point you'll put the rest of the boxes in the attic and go on living life and forget about them, until you need the attic for storage and you're back at those same boxes again
You don't wanna deal with the boxes so you throw them out 
Because if you really wanted those things you would have unpacked them without question
So forget them
Forget the baggage
But if you're not going to fully move in then forget the house too 
You should just move out because when you moved in the house was messed up anyway, 
The roof had cracks
The siding was falling off 
The basement was unfinished
You never did the renovations you said you would been do years ago
The paint is chipping 
There's cracks so that means the foundation is unsteady
Most of all you still haven't fully unpacked yet so this house is not your home, just a temporary stay 
You called it worthless everytime you saw the fixing it needed so fuck it anyway 
Don't grab your tools and try to fix it now
Just get your money back and find another house 
A better one

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Well written, I really like how you took that saying and used that as your analogy. It was soo good I might have to write a counter poem!





I really appreciate it! Also, I'd love to read your counter poem.

if possible could you email it to me? 

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