A Bad Word

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 16:00 -- fiction


Oh my god, I can't believe she said that.

They twirl their hair, hands on hips,

gum in lips.

How emotional, what an angry bitch

they laugh, guns on hips

Laughter, I don't believe that,

how unrealistic,

I just want to be one of the guys

stop yelling.

"I'm not"

Stop targeting me!

"I'm not"

I just want you to see that in a world where

every man every woman is created equal.

I disagree, though I say the words quietly.

Oh my god you're one of them.

your already equal, so why do you care?

I grab my hair, I may not be yelling but I want to be,

when my worth is recognised,

when girls can stop being grabbed on public transportation,

when they get paid equal for the same work,

because I am told to stop yelling for whispering my opinion.

No, I don't believe I'm better than you but,

Yes I am a FEMINIST!


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