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I lived in a castle once, It was called love. The walls were built
What to do When She’s Beautiful:   Beautiful girls are not temples or secret gardens They are not to be admired; set upon a shelf forgotten
Why must we be condemned by traditional conservatism? A woman’s efforts to obtain the equality and respect similar to a males status seems that of unfamiliarity. 
I have a confession... and I must say, that I am in love. with a movement and a little mood hits. well, not little, but big
  Oh my god, I can't believe she said that. They twirl their hair, hands on hips, gum in lips. How emotional, what an angry bitch they laugh, guns on hips
I am an anglerfish, Fishnets stuck in between my teeth, One-liner hooks spilling From bleeding gums. Anglerfish rely on a light to attract prey,
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