Backpack Full of Insicurity




words that society chooses for us


You say

I run like a girl,

scream like a girl,

throw like a girl.

From the time life was more innocent to now

You've used these phrases

To build your gender


And push mine down.


Always wondering

Why can't




be treated the same way as


To have the same freedom to be passed to in PE

To have the same freedom to dress how we please

And not have to worry about what the repercussions may be.

To have the same freedom to not have to feel

insecure about our bodies.


I'm asking you

Are we just supposed to

Sit on the sidelines and

Cheer you on at football games?

Do you expect us to

Stand around and

And choose whether or not to wear makeup based on if you like it

or not?

We don't care what you think.

And even if a small part of you

presumes that

We are

the weaker sex

Then you should know that

We are



We are strong

We are brave

We are intelligent

And we are equal


When life was more innocent

I ignored the degrading words you shot at me

So I played my game

Like a girl

My curls sprung up and down

My orange pearl kept the beat

My feet struck the floor

And left black marks

On the back of your heart

Teaching myself to finally be free


To pass the ball from my hands to yours.


But I'm not done yet.

Because I want

you to know

What dress codes are teaching



That you are allowed to be distracted by our choice of

clothing and attracted to how much of our skin it shows.


Dude, control yourself

Everyone has skin.


These codes are teaching

You that you are allowed to

act as animal roaming free from a cage

while I feel caged in my own skin.


I'm sorry

If my body distracts

your actions


In class

If my shorts are too short

Or my bra strap is showing

You should be sorry


But I don't care what you say

I'm just going to keep going     





Words that I choose for me


When life was more innocent

counting 1, 2, 3  

were just numbers

now, it rates

my body,

My Hair

My makeup,


4, 5, 6

Things we cannot

Will not

Never will fix

7, 8, 9

My body will always be mine


These ratings should be forgo-10


In my eyes.

It's not a surprise that you continue to



And judge us

From 1-10

Teaching us to dress for you

And not for success.


“Boys gave me a 6 and gave her a 10”

Forcing me to walk behind the footsteps of trends,

Creating boundaries for what I post on instagram

Deleting the memories because of my insecurity  

You are asserted because I am introverted


I feel abandoned

Not accepted

Not tolerated

just Affected

You never advocated

You just advertised


Across the inter-net


And I'm tired of not expressing myself because of what other people think of me.

I'm afraid someone is going to think I'm trying to be someone I'm not

even though

this is who I am.

I'm fearful people might think I'm trying too hard.

But I'm sick of being scared of what other people think of me.


There is no violence

But there shouldn't be such a








Words that shouldn't define who you are





Words that are more meaningful to me.


This poem is about: 
My community



i love this, keep expressing


This peom is so powerful. "These codes are teaching You that you are allowed to act as animal roaming free from a cage while I feel caged in my own skin." This quote took my breath away. You put the perfect words to the terrible emotions I feel as a women and being confined. Love your work , keep it up. 


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