Back Then...

Back Then…

By: Ny’Tasia Gaddist


Man, those were the days.


I would constantly play;


Make new friends seemingly every day.


Man, those were the days.


Things have drastically changed;


I used to play till the street light turned on.


Now, I stay at  home like a small isolated pet.


I used to make friends easily.


Now, people turn a blind eye and call you names.


Man, those were the days.


I used to make mud pies


And run around the yard with no shoes


Lay out on my trampoline and guess the shape of the


clouds above. Now, I think about the idea


of paying taxes and the amount of social media


followers I have.


Man. those were the days.


I often think and wonder


Where did that little girl go?


Will she ever return?


The answer is no. She will not return.


She has grown, grown to be a young


Women in society.


However, I still remembers those good ole days.


And I will never forget them.


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