A Baby's First Memory

My eyelashes divided,

for the very first time

the first crease in these lids,

created to be mine

the first photo taken,

with my baby blue eyes

like a canon with a cap,

a photographer’s surprise

a dark empty moment was,

all i got to take in

i was scared and alone, 

my head started to spin

i felt dirty and cold, 

and knew this was wrong

hands were on me,

for what lasted for so long

a blanket i assumed,

sticky and tight

i was constricted with this feeling, 

until it started to dry

my mom held me close, 

i knew it was her arm

but i couldn't hear her voice,

or the sound of her charm

something seemed strange,

but i had to act okay

it wasn't until i grew older,

that i realized there was another way

i was born at hospital in Uganda, 

Atutur is the name

i was born in the dark, 

because the electricity hadn’t came

no electricity meant no water,

which grosses me out to say

i was covered in blood and fluids, 

for more than a day

my mother had no medicine, 

to help her with the pain she cried

which is why her voice was gone, 

and she didn’t welcome me hi

i entered this world with great fear, 

and fear never has quit

i need people to hear my story, 

so a baby’s first memory can be lit

i pray this hospital can gain God's attention

it needs our love, resources, and true redemption

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Our world
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