'I am... Scholarship Slam I am

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My eyelashes divided, for the very first time the first crease in these lids, created to be mine the first photo taken, with my baby blue eyes like a canon with a cap, a photographer’s surprise
I am young I am free I am strong I am me. I am a survivor I am waiting I am a not a backeast dirver I am debating. I am a girl who followed simple rules
Looking into the eyes of little me I see the spark of life. Experimenting with paper and marks, in perfect solidarity. in chorus they would chant, "She's a tiny Monet, A real prodigy that one is."
My life is a canvas, and I am painted the colors of a perfect storm.Blue when sadness is pumping through my veins,And red when all of the damage is done.There is nothing but extreme highs and lows.It is like the dead poets society.I am not upset I
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