Baby What's Wrong? (Part 2)

Sat, 08/10/2013 - 13:14 -- MissL


“You just told me you’re

taking somebody else home because


Your girlfriend,

won’t go home with you.”


“At least I told you this time.

So you can’t get mad at me.

Look, I’ll take her home.

I’ve taken her home hundreds of times.

Will that make you feel better?”


Yes, thank you for telling me -

this time.

It’s still called cheating

So NO! It’s not okay! -

Not any time!


But it’s still called cheating,

It still hurts the same,

I still feel the pain.

Your pinches on my hand like a beating.


The way I throb,

My heart close to yours.

The way I throb,

The bruises on my hand.


Purple and brown and

Red and green.

Wincce at the pain but

Hope for you love

(So I Walk With You. Holding Your Hand. Silent.)



[Notes: this is my original work. I have a tumblr account and have previously posted on @ ]

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