What is it about this word that makes people cry?

Is it how we use it to label and to judge?

And when we use it, do we know how we touch

On things deep inside our core

Worries we’d like to ignore

You’d think there’d be more

Consideration for all we do

To try and live up to this word

It puts you in a cage

As you fail to obtain

Your true identity

Your own personality

Making you a trapped bird

Who can’t fly to the sky

No matter how hard you try

You can’t break free

Of the insecurities


And really, what does beauty mean? Signify?

Some made-up perception? Some stupid lie?

Is it a necessity?

Or is it just me?

Who doesn’t understand

Why we use it like a brand

Why can’t you extend your hand?

And accept all; no requirement

I’m waiting, waiting for you to decide

If you’ll use this word to make people cry

Or if it’ll lift them up

So you can raise your cup

And speak to all

Not only those you’d call



Yes sometimes, we’d like to conform

To change what we were born as

You see, I’m constantly torn

Between the part of me that’s soaring

Up to the clouds

Leaving behind the judgments and doubts

Or the other side who’s boring

But fits into society

So which one is me?

Either way I’m mourning

For that which I don’t own

Our happiness is a loan

And the price is too high

Roll the dice

Whatever happens will suffice

I’d rather face chance

Than deal with all the lies

And here, here I will take my stance

And you can glance

In your trance

Where everything is perfect-o

But honey, you’ll soon be in debt though

How long can you pay for your happiness?

Because it’s not true bliss

Only what’s decreed by society

It plants the seed

Of only what is “appropriate”

So be it

Let’s forfeit

And assort everyone where they belong

Same old song

Look don’t submit

It’s not worth it

Don’t let them tell you

Don’t let them meld you


I know you’ve felt the pressure

But when we survive, we will prove our measure

We can get by

It’s called life

Up and down

Cry and clown around

Go left then right

Surrender when you wanna fight

Sink yet float

Breathe yet choke

Hope mixed with despair

Try to ignore it, but you still care


And I know this might all sound a little bit cliché

But don’t those tend to be the most important things to say?


Yeah, we have all worried about beauty

Have buried what’s good

Underneath all the superficiality

But we have a responsibility

To the next generation to show that this view of looks, this is shitty

You know what I’m talking about

Sometimes don’t you just want to shout

And tell everyone not just your therapist

How you really don’t give a shit

Hoist the white flag high

To completely exemplify

How you are going to give in and just cry

And let those drops wash away

That whole mask of makeup, which is really just clay

Cuz what we try to do

Is look and be more like you and you and you!

Anyone but me!

Create another face, someone that matches those that we deem pretty


In every city

In every town

There is someone always down

In confidence

Empty of resistance

Against society’s protocols

C’mon, the people that think they own you… they all have sticks up their assholes


Did that offend you?

Did it send you on one of those loops

In your head?

Going round and round; never managing to get ahead

Cuz you’re still trying to comprehend

The words I have said

That have led

And embed

This whirlwind in your mind

Cuz no one should dare

To say how much we all care

Well I’m not gonna just sit here

I can’t bear

Them telling me what I should look like

Or be like

Or act like

Or dress like

Cuz who I am

And who I wanna be

Has everything to do with me

And shit to do with all of you

To think that you have a clue about who I am

To sit there and judge

To make me budge

My choices and decisions

Is ridiculous

You seem to have missed

The truth that we can try to act like we don’t care

But the assumptions made at first sight

Start a little tear

That continues until you just can’t fight

And suddenly you have to recognize

The tears in your eyes

Admit that you are in pain

And that this blockade

Of smiles and laughs and love

Isn’t really that tough

Like a balloon, you will pop

Only to drop

Deep down into misery

Until you can finally see

And pull yourself back to the light

To try to reassemble each piece just right

To once again create the perfect image

Friends distract us from facing our own issues

While at home, we cry ourselves to sleep with a pile of tissues

That continues to grow

Because the stitches that we sow

Are temporary


To me,

The real jewel

The key tool

Is not your reflection

Which you might think achieves perfection

But it hides what’s inside

What will never die

Who you are


So who are you?

Who am I?

A person that hides behind a lie

Or one who doesn’t buy the crap

So let’s learn now

The only one holding you back

With the tactless attempts to have what you lack

Is you

You’ll only feel good if you actually believe in

And agree with

Who you are

Drop the mask

It’s an endless task

Stand up and help fight against the “haters”

To discover the beauty inside sooner or later…


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