The Awoken Generation

It’s truly awesome

the reality our generation

is growing to realize.


No longer is the original majority

mumbling “we are all equal.”

instead our generation is standing up and saying

we  need to be equal.


In the midst of The Man shrieking

“they drew theirs first”

we are rising and declaring

“color doesn’t define the value of human life”


We are announcing that

your anatomy doesn’t define you and

only you may define who you are.


Our generation will no longer allow

a 1600 year old book

that’s being misread and misused

to delegate who we are allowed to love.


Our generation is verbalizing equality

for those who spoke to quiet

for those who were not listened to

for those who are no longer able to speak.


We are the awoken generation

and it’s truly awesome. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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