Awesome Song

Trees, Oceans, Desserts, Mountains.

Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring.

Rain, Sun, Snow, Sleet

All combine singing to me.


The Deer that crosses my path in search of hope.

The Bunny that hops for joy.

The Fishes, Sharks, Whales, and Jellyfish

that swim through the Dark Abyss.

All combine singing to me.


Tap, Jazz,Modern, Lyrical.

Leaps, Turns, Shoes, and Costumes.

Music, Rythm, Counts, and Beats.

Glitter, Eyeshadow, Lipstick, and Earrings.

Calling and signaling never to leave.


So as you've read but just a few.

I know that you should have some too.

Whether it's Art, Music, Science, or maybe just to Explore.

We all will find the song that fits us more and more.


And when we find it

It should speak our truth

And show us we are truly awesome

through and through


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Our world
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