Awesome People in an Awesome Place

They ask me what’s awesome,

            And I think of a place.

A place,

            To make people smile.

A place,

            To make people’s day.

They wait for us patiently,

            Every Friday.

And she waits for them patiently,

            Every day.

Me and my puppy

            We cross the gate.

Into the land of support,

            A hidden get away.

For here

            Every Friday.

We see

            New hope.

We see old faces

            (Faces much older than ours).

Faces that light up

            Upon seeing her lope.

For nothing lightens up

            Faster than an elder’s face

Upon seeing a puppy,

            Kissing them, loving them

(It’s better than an embrace).

My favorite is the smiles,

            The laughter and the joy.

For even the shy new faces,

            Around her, are not coy.

I say “new,”

            But are they really new?

Hundred-year old stories

            From “new” hundred-year old mouths.

All the while petting

            Her cute little snout.

They ask me what’s awesome

            And I’ll reply anew,

For I go to a place

            A place,

            To make people smile.

            A place,

            To make people’s day.

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I, with my dog Choco, were certified by the Grater Miami Human Society to serve Dog Therapy, after long training for my dog. We go every Friday after school to Regents Park Nursing & Rehabilitation center since early 2014 talking with patients and brightening up their day. Many enjoy petting Choco and talking with me in English, Spanish, and Hebrew.

While the patients enjoy it, we enjoy it too! :)



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