Awesome is ideal

An awesome person I see 

He is the person I inspire to be

He made the world a better place 

With the strength of God and his given place

He showed me that life is an adventure

That I hope to one day venture

He showed me to always follow my dreams

To one day let my light shine and proudly beam

I learned from him that anything can be awesome

As long as you let your imagination blossom

Everything in my life and myself is awesome, now I know

The  older I get, that part of me that makes me unique will only grow 

The person I speak of had a talent greater than the sun

This person, who was awesome, was none other than Michael Jackson

And through his music and words, I see just how awesome everything is 

 I hope to one day see the world from that wonderful perspective of his 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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