Everything starts with yourself.

You must exists in order for this to be existing.

It starts with you first accept yourself then others will join in acceptance.

To know that I am strong I dont always have to fight.

Take life slow breath.

Restricting is resisting the cosmos.

I am perfect nothing is wrong with me.

I loved what I saw and that energy was beautiful.

My body is a perfect structure that houses who I truly am.

Work on the inside take care of the outside.

I am a fierce lion.

I connect with others because we are a universal reflection.

Perspective is limitless dive deep into the ocean let the waves of your subconscious meet you.

Be who you are in this moment.

Feel still because you are whole.

Speak to the universe and you’ll speak to yourself.

Sometimes we replicate behaviors we dont understand as a way of understanding them.

We are a world within ourself.

Project your energy outward and what you will receive will be internal.

I am amazing for all that I am.

All that I have purposed and brought forth everything that I ever experienced was meant to be which has led me to this current awareness of my being.

I am all that happened.

I am an outlet for those who seek.

I experienced trauma in order to perceive pain of others.

My innocents was recognized and taken selfishly as power by others.

As a result of that defining moment I must make peace with the pain inside my innocents.

I do not receive this pain as part of myself.

The result of this pain is healing and that is what defines me.

Molded by healing my skin glitters with opal specs of universal energy.

Its a vast wonder to embark with this life.

Little precious synchronicities whispering dont look back.

I keep moving forward within accepting my environment but not letting it limit who I am to be.

Express your energy shed your ego.

Strip away the scales that deceive your soul.

Breath deep within yourself exhale beyond what you feel.

Ride the waves of the subconscious mind.

Greet your truth holding hands with what scares you the most.

Unfold the imposter and be authentic find what you have chosen to loose.

Realize the lies you have reflected as self and your real eyes with tell you the truth.

Hold yourself close you will soon appreciate all that you have.

Travel to the places that have become numb.

Be brave and bring warmth to the glaciers surrounding your soul.

Understand what doesn’t make sense and make sense of what you dont understand.

Force nothing move with yourself focus on the empty spaces that concave your judgment.

You are your own trip enjoy the experience or that is all that we are.

See the mirror see yourself gaze deeply and you’ll see a pattern that flows outlining who you are.

The grass moves in circles reveling the truth of life.

Everything is a cycle that flows.

Step inside yourself find your circle.

This life has always been beautiful its the people in this life that are lost becoming ugly translating to oneself.

Make no judgment learn what is being taught and let go of false understanding.

Let go and be free.

When we hold on we make nothing something.

Dont hold yourself back scream cry laugh moan groan.

Then speak from your heart.

Be embody by your desire to let it all out.

See the phases of your life and accept that it was and now this is right where your supposed to be.

Slowly catch yourself close your eyes see the colors remember you.

Thank yourself for what took place and enter into reality as more than what you once were.

Be nothing but yourself. 

Accept others as oneself creating no intent for harm, all that we seek is love. 

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