That "average" person

I am that "average" person in the corner

That person that you label as "asian"

I am more than just my race

I may be "average", but I have a drive that you will never catch up to

I will succeed

I will go to college and become a stronger person

I will face every challenge with everything 

You label yourself as amazing

But how amazing are you?

While you're playing around, I'm in the classroom

You say that you have a "game plan" but it's flawed

I'm the one with the game plan

That person you called "average" will become someone you could never call "average"

You see all of these glorious things awaiting you

But can you really see?

Do you only see your potential and not others?

Maybe you are blind

I wear glasses, but maybe I see much more than you

I am going to succeed

I am more than "average"

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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