Something that makes me smile, 

I'm not really sure,

Maybe it's season aisle,

Maybe it's immature


I enjoy the sunshine,

When peeking through the trees

The needles of the pine,

And color changing leaves


Right before the snow falls,

And cold weather comes,

Before we're deacking halls,

And playing Christmas hums,


I love the corn mazes 

At the pumpkin patches.

When bonfires are blazes, 

And pies come in batches


I smile at little kids

On each Halloween night.

Snatching candy from lids, 

Laughing in such delight


Thoughts of turkey dinner

Cause my mouth to water

Feeling like a winner

As my food steams hotter


I've written in this rhyme

What causes me to smile.

It's all seen in fall time.

Autumn, my preferred style.



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