Heart pumping quicker

Fingers sliding on glass

The picters are clearer

and so is my desire. 


Ive been surrounded with culture, 

great food and dreams. 

I've seen others make it, 

to the place they once only saw

in their dreams.


In back of their minds

while working three jobs,

they set out a goal, 

worshiping the toll.


Aussie stole my heart as a little girl

and now I cant help but stare.

The dream is growing bigger,

the boldness is aware. 


I would give anyhting to move 

to a place i fell in love with,

to encounter the poeple i adore, 

to say i made it happen.


I daydream and search 

of the luxries she offers

Down Under and away from all

I have known. 


People I meet, 

choices and chances I have take,

each shares the backbone of 

making it happen.


I've been on my own,

as long as I have known.

That can't stop me from

my heart warming home.


My dream is bigger, 

my chances are rare,

but dont doubt it,

You'll see me there. 




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