To be heard or not to be heard?
That is the question that is being asked.
To me the question doesn’t really matter at all.
To you that may sound absurd,
As if what I am telling you is masked.
Don’t worry, I’ll try to explain before we reach nightfall.

I don’t write to be heard by any person.
My writing serves me no mission,
Save for simply to write.
To deprive me of this right
Would not silence me to anyone;
Not leave anything out abandoned.

There is no reason for my poetry.
But do not be mistaken, astutely
My poetry is filled with deeper meaning.
The words I write, I write whilst dreaming.
These words are not for me either, though.
They just happen to flow.

My audience is that of what it is.
My clarity is taken by interpretation of this.
My writing can be whatever anyone would choose to make of it.
By all means, it is for everyone,
But, at the same time, it is for no one.
My audience understands all but this little bit.


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