I was/ I still am/ Mommy’s angel/ Perfect in every way

And ever since/ I would say/ Age 5/ I’ve dreamed of one special day


College!!/ Yea/ I’m a total nerd/ But you know what that’s done for me?

Instilled in my soul/ A need/ An obsession/ To do things…perfectly


Cause I’ve seen failure/ Uncontrolled/ Epic/ It’s crippling because I fear

To see it again/ To know the same/ Of failing in something/ I hold dear


I will admit/ I set the bar/ But rarely is it/ Out of my reach

But recently/ I learned a lesson/ More valuable/ Than college could teach


That moment in life/ When you say/ ”I’m gonna get ready”/ ”I’m going to face my fears”

You won’t notice/ Not right away/ Whether “getting ready”/ Takes months or takes years


Eventually though/ You’ll come to see/ That “ready”/ Is not a state of mind

It’s a stall tactic/ For the inevitable/ And to face fear/ You’ll have to fly blind


I've strapped on my helmet/ My blindfold and gloves/ And I'm scared/ Cause I don’t know what to do

But I’m no more “ready” now/ Than I’d be in six years/ So when I fail, I’m gonna live/…Will you??



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