Fri, 01/31/2014 - 05:14 -- janaei

maybe I don't miss you
maybe, its the memories I miss
rather than the human being in which I had shared them with. 
you see, 
we humans, tend to, 
sneak up on our victims
slowly wrapping our invisible ropes filled with heartstrings and hopes 
and dreams of potential moments around those whom we notice
once the prey has been caught
we give it all we've got 
hands on the clocks 
move infinitely & try to lock
but after a while, they'll get pressured 
& blow up
they'll throw up 
nasty words as they walk out the door 
screaming don't come any closer, not once more
you try to bring them back in but
I leave without goodbye 
oh well, nice try
why do I feel so empty?
why do I feel so lost?
I was fine before this, wasn't I?
All I can remember were the good times
when we'd sneak out at night (smile/laugh while saying it)
& over the phone we'd watch Jane by design (chuckle)
eating French fries &
laughing at dumb YT videos until we cry
it'll heal time after time 
but you're scarred for life
so you try to find others to overwrite & disguise this enterprise
creating a bunch of more memories 
until you feel whole & satisfied 
the cycle begins again
attachment, is what it is called
trying to tighten the loose end
although you don't fully comprehend
so go out and make memories 
just be careful & don't always believe in permanent deals
be sure they come w/ a free meal 
let those bruises heal
every once in a while 
it doesn't hurt to feel
it doesn't hurt to be real.


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