Att: Cyber Bullies


What will people think about you when you die?

What did you contribute 

Besides snarky comments and online sighs?


You were so tough on facebook

Your comments on instagram really stung

People worry about kids with weapons,

No one protects us from their tongues.

You tore people down on twitter and on chatroom boards

you talked trash about their families

and what they couldn't afford.


Yeah, you are so tough, and pretty and smart

Everyone else sucks

But your opinions and selfies are such great works of art

You put it all out there. There's no room to guess.

Every other post- Guess what! More pictures of your breasts. 

(yeah. we are all soooo impressed)


You brag about yourself and spread nothing but hate,

and the internet is written in INK

not chalk on slate.



When you die, the truth is people wil FORGET you 

And you are going to rot. Day by day.

But everything you put out there will always exist

in some corner of the internet, just clicks away.


So think before you type. Quit being so mean.

The last thing you post

might be the very last thing you put out there to be seen.






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