Mon, 05/26/2014 - 15:43 -- lmopez

A bottomless pit;

the black hole we avoid peering too far into

for fear we might fall-

Fall deep into a subconscious

So distant the beginning meets the end

where truth, reality, and dreams settle-

Settle into oblivion

the moment you drift-

drift towards definition before realization

before the vibrations of your subconscious waters reach you

before its resonance reaches your heart

 you’re drowning.

Unable to swim,

unable to float I peered too far-

too far into my own




But some-

some are carried on a cloud.

Some give way to the wind

And ascend with grace

to surface above such an ocean.

To feel warmth on their face,


they trust what’s beneath

and they-

they float. 


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