Asking the Right Questions


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United States
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“How do boys look good without makeup?”


Because society hasn’t told them they look bad without it

Because their value is not based on their looks

Because they are worth more to the world

Than a pretty face

And a tailored body


Because they don’t have to change their face

To please the opposite gender

Their lives revolve around more

Than being an object of affection



Women are seen as things,

No more alive than pretty paintings or

Tools used to get satisfaction and entertainment like

A television or

A magazine



“Why was she so upset about being raped?”


Because you somehow can’t understand that

Because men think that sex

Is no big deal

Because men think that sex

Is nothing more than a good time

Because men think that their body is important enough

To change the status of a woman

From the only two things a woman can be:

Virgin to whore.


Because our society regularly jokes about rape.

Our society




Because our society does not view the violent attack of women

To be a serious matter

Because our society mocks women who have undergone years of therapy to recover

From a crime that is celebrated among the attacker’s friends

Because this crime is so often committed

That men think nothing of it.

They believe

That they are not wrong



If I had the power to change something

I would change the people

Who ask these questions

I would change the thoughts

That allow them to make sense

I would change the answers

To all be the same:

That’s a terrible thing

To ask.



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